Wilderness Heals

Wilderness Heals
This 2020 event is a virtual fundraiser.

Wilderness Heals is a pledge hike that builds and engages a community of supporters to raise money for the Elizabeth Stone House families and individuals. As the Stone House’s largest fundraiser, Wilderness Heals raises crucial, flexible funding that helps meet the needs of the families we serve.

The three-day, all-female hike covers several parts of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Wilderness Heals route options offer a range of trails accessible to individuals with varying levels of experience including a backcountry camping option.

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Hikers spend three days hiking and two nights at Appalachian Mountain Club huts, which provide beds, blankets, dinner and breakfast. The backcountry camping option affords hikers the opportunity to experience the wilderness in a supportive environment. Participants on this leg pitch tents and cook their own food.

Round-trip transportation between Boston and the trailheads is provided. Hikers are required to participate in one training hike, attend a final Pep and Prep meeting and raise a minimum of $1,500.

Any woman who wants to meet the physical, emotional, and fundraising challenges of the hike is welcome to participate! This includes: seasoned hikers and new hikers, outdoor enthusiasts and newbies to nature, survivors of domestic violence or trauma and their supporters, and anyone seeking the opportunity to embark in adventure and camaraderie while raising money for an amazing cause! btn_green_learnmore Learn more about Wilderness Heals by visiting the event website.

Questions on how to get involved in Wilderness Heals?
Contact: Catherine Lawrie, Wilderness Heals Manager

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