Housing Services

Emergency Domestic Violence Shelter
The Emergency Domestic Violence Shelter is a temporary program in which people who are fleeing domestic violence receive case management, financial literacy education, parenting support and housing support. All the spaces for this program are funneled through Safelink.
If you are seeking emergency domestic violence services please call 617-201-8415.
To access shelter services across the state of Massachusetts, contact Safelink at 1-877-785-2020.

Transitional Housing Program
Our Transitional Housing Program is an 18-month program for singles and families with a history of domestic violence, mental health issues, substance abuse and homelessness.  Residents will receive case management, housing search assistance and financial management support as well as attend groups.  Residents are required to work or attend school during their stay.
Call the Transitional Housing Program waiting list. 617-409-5421.

Help with Housing
We offer support finding stabilized housing for homeless, formerly homeless and at-risk of becoming homeless clients. These services include, but are not limited to: housing relocation, eviction prevention, housing search, landlord liaison activities, financial coaching, and housing counseling.  We work with clients to find resources that can assist with financial help to obtain permanent housing. Home visits are scheduled at a convenient time and location for participants.  Initially, visits are scheduled weekly and decrease to bi-weekly and monthly over the course of involvement.

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