Family and Children

Parent Child Center (PCC)
The Parent Child Center at the Elizabeth Stone House provides services to support parents, children and families. The Parent Child Center (PCC) offers a variety of childcare options to families working with the Elizabeth Stone House. The PCC provides free childcare while parents attend groups at Stone House or meet with Stone House staff onsite. The PCC also provides free weekday drop-in childcare to residents of the Elizabeth Stone House, providing parents waiting for childcare vouchers or available daycare slots a safe, supportive environment for their children while they attend work or school. In addition to childcare, the PCC team hosts family nights, holiday celebrations, field trips and barbecues to allow parents and their children to enjoy time together.

Parenting Classes
The Elizabeth Stone House partners with Families First to offer parenting classes. Recent topics included Limit Setting and Positive Discipline, Parenting Your Teenage Child, Parenting for Families with Toddlers and Preschoolers and Parenting in Public: Parenting While Living in Shelter. Classes run from 4-8 weeks.

Nurturing Group
Nurturing Group is a 12-week, curriculum-based course focusing on developing healthy parent-child relationships, family roles and communication. Facilitators lead the weekly classes and emphasize the importance of self-care for parents. The curriculum is designed to support participants that have experienced domestic violence, substance abuse, mental illness and homelessness. Parents do not need to have current custody of their children to participate.

Parents’ Support Group
The weekly Parents’ Support Group focuses on parenting techniques and understanding child development. The group provides parents with a supportive venue in which to discuss their challenges and concerns, enhancing their parenting skills and sharing their progress, accomplishments and victories.

Child care is provided for all groups. New participants are always welcome. Please call us at 617-409-9801 to schedule an intake appointment.

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